Joseph, i am so happy with the Tallit and kippah. you do beautiful work. it was so nice meeting you and talking with you when we visited israel this past spring. i hope you and your family are well. i have attached a photo and am telling all of my friends and family where to buy a beautiful tallit in Israel! hag sameach. regards, Jay Leistner
Hello Josef: It was a pleasure to meet with you today, and to share your treasures with you. It was a powerful experience for Michele and myself. To have a relationship with you as the artist for something so important to Michele as the bearer is a special thing. In our modern world, with its separations and speed, it was a rare moment. Attached is one of the photos I took, with you standing next to Michele. Enjoy. Thanks.
Bob Goldschmidt
Hi Yoseph Hope you are well. Thank you again for my amazing Tallit bag, everyone loves it! Here is the photo we took in your shop We will be sure to tell anyone who visits to pop in and say hello Have a good week Ryan and Simone
Simone Krawitz
Thank you Joseph, for the wonderful Tallit. I wore it to Shul last Saturday and was given an Aleyah to celebrate me getting it. I wish you and your family much good health and happiness. Kol Tov, Barry. Saddle River, NJ
Barrey Freeman

Shalom Yosef and Moshe, Since this was our last evening in Jerusalem, Simone convinced me to overcome my hesitation and to wear my new Tallit at the Kotel. I'm really glad I did, not only did I enjoy wearing it while I prayed, but when I was done, I put it back in the plastic case, and on the way out, I decided to ask the volunteers there to help me put on the Tefillin, and they saw the Tallit in the bag and encouraged me to put it back on. They recognized your work immediately.
Gary Dandy


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