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Strolling along the upper platform of the Cardo on Rechov Hayehudim in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, you will encounter a fascinating, ancient piece of artisan machinery.  Right outside the doors of 69 Hayehudim St is a loom that is still used today to make fine, hand-made Tallitot, kipot and other lovely garments for prayer, or simply for beauty. 

At the Weaving Creation boutique, you will be served with kind hospitality and dedicated customer service. You might even be treated with a live demonstration and an explanation of the weaving craft. 

Joseph Gabso, the artisan and proprietor had the vision to share his talent, passion and knowledge of the ancient craft of weaving and bring something new to the Jewish world. Using the traditional methods of weaving and all natural materials, the final works are not only magnificent, but also really comfortable. These Tallitot simply do not slip off the shoulders. Using 100% cotton allows the garments to breath, providing you with air in the summer heat and keeps you warm in the winter months.

Joseph’s  designs and color schemes are based on mystical teachings of the Safed Kabalists. This itself is not a mystery because it is in Sefad where he learned the craft and began to attain a network of customers worldwide . Once a bar Mitzvah boy gets his Tallit, a precedent is set for the entire family. Everybody returns for their own custom-made Tallit and matching Kipa. Tallit and Tefillin bags are made as an entire set. 

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