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Tallit Nezach Set

Tallit Nezach Set

Handmade cotton  prayer shawl woven by the professional weavers of Weave Creation.

The design of this tallit is a combination of dark red, black and brown stripes along with cream and gold.This is a modern design that combines different weaving patterns and gives a warm and royalty feeling. Can suit weddings, Bar mitzvah or any other occasion. The crown and the 4 corners hold the same pattern like the tallit. If you wish to add, remove or change colors just mention it in the order and we’ll make your own custom made tallit.

The name of the talis is taken from the Jewish Kabbalah, Netzah - Eternity  is one of the 10 spiritual forces in the Kabala. 

The Tallit is made from fine cotton threads, carefully handwoven on traditional looms by Jewish men in Israel. 

We have a special prayer before and during the weaving of our prayer shawls so each tallis is full of good energy and love.

Use dry cleaning only.

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Price : $390
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